Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #5



1. Unbeleafable vest + Unbeleafable colors = Unbeleafable cuteness

From @huckleberryandmiley_mncorgis

2. what is this dand-ruff?

From @billandsteve.co

3. When you snooze, you WINNNN

From @corgiaussie_abbychan

4. Can not wait till Corg-mas

From @huckleberryandmiley_mncorgis

5. It’s beginning to look a lot like Corg-mas 🎄

From @arthurandlennonthecorgis

6. Am I adorable


7. Am I beautiful?

From @lallothecorgi

8. But first we nap 😴

From @leeloo_tha_corgi

9. But how would they know?

From @journeyofdonut

10. Corgi shake 😆

From @akiyakis

11. CorgMom claims she couldn’t resist doin’ me a disrespect… I tink otherwise. 😑

From @milton.the.corgi

12. ears or antennas?👽

From @bucketandblue.corgiandcoon

13. Everyday it’s the same conversation, the humans asking me if I am ready to go outside and then a big stretch followed by a big (or small) awoo

From @cashmorrow_thecorgi

14. Good dog!

From @tacoboutthecorgi @nerfdogtoys

15. Good girl? 😆

From @cookie.pembrokecorgi

16. Had a great time with my neighbor buddy Rocky 😘He is so fluffy cute and his pawrents are so so so nice

From @corginaan

17. Imagine if this smol potato was coming your way 🥺 what would you do? 😍

From @ollieandbutler

18. Life is ruff

From @lucalicorgi

19. Little linguini 🍝

From @chowder_thecorgi_

20. Mom?!

From @lincoln_the_cute_corgi

21. Puppyhood flies by

From @lucalicorgi

22. So regal 🥺💖

From @ellathewelshcorgi

23. taking a poll here: how many of you have a dog that ACTUALLY sleeps on its bed? 😂

From @milton.the.corgi

24. The little Cowgi is not so little anymore 😅😅 🐮🐮🐮

From @ezycorgi

25. The smartest in the house 😎

From @corgi.d.ace

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