Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #3



1. & many more reasons!

From @theluvableollie

2. No question someones excited to see ya!😆

From @chun_ch28

3. How fluffy is this handsome boy

From @corgi_coco

4. Love that wiggle wiggle

From @harrod.hailey.thecorgis

5. « I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick » ⚡️

From @kombulecorgi

6. A smile is the best thing you can wear!😁

From @shorty.loaf

7. am distinguished 👔

From @cashmorrow_thecorgi

8. Cutie pie 😄🐶🎃

From @ciao_atlas

9. Dog parent real talk: how long do you keep your dogs “favorite toys”? 

I’ve been keeping Willo’s duck carcasses but I’m beginning to think I need to start throwing some away 😅 I’ll just have to buy her a bunch of new ones! What do you do?!

From @willothecorgi

10. excitement

From @harrod.hailey.thecorgis

11. He’s just too cute!

From @gandalfthecorgi

12. I love my Puppucino! ❤️❤️

From @mango.corgii

13. Let’s jump into this one before the weekend!

From @kombulecorgi

14. Mom, sumting touched da toe beans 😳

From @cashmorrow_thecorgi

15. My first and many more to come, ok dad?

From @cocothepemcorgi

16. Never gonna be your bathing beauty 🙃

From @corgi.d.ace

17. Obsessed with you ❤️

From @lucalicorgi

18. She acts like summer and walks like rain 🌧

From @fluffychelsea

19. Slide game strong! 💪🏻 Such a smooth finish.

From @thecorgirex

20. some BOOPs for your Sunday 🐶

From @itsmarleythecorgi

21. What’s it ? 🤔🤔

From @sugar_welshcorgi

22. Who’s got the cutest pet on the internet? ❤️ everyone has!!

From @toastie_thecorgi

23. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle 🐶🍑

From @cashmorrow_thecorgi

24. Yes I'm fat pup 🐷🐾🐷

From @sugar_welshcorgi

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