Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #2



1. Big boy, he is so fluffy

From @corgi_coco

2. First time having fun with snow

From @leonardo_military_corgi

3. “Puppy hiccups!”🥺🥰

From @ollithecorgipup

4. 🌈 +🐶=🥰

From @huey_and_croissant

5. Zig zig, floof floof


6. At least someone likes this weather. Corgmom keeps repeating this audio in her head to remind herself why she lives here.

From @huckleberryandmiley_mncorgis

7. Best workout buddy 😎

From @popcorn_happy_corgi

8. Does it get any better than this?🥰🤗

From @madmax_fluffyroad

9. Floofs are love… floofs are life!

From @tambovstarfox

10. Get in boy… we’re going shopping!

From @corgiinthegarden

11. He always sleeps on his back 😅

From @sirralphthecorgi

12. I believe I can FLY! ✈️

From @samcorgi

13. I got a car and a new apartment in preparation for him. It’s all been worth it 💕🥰🥺

From @cutiecorgi

14. I’m more than just a Corgi 🦊

From @ezycorgi

15. It’s almost that time 😅❄️

From @hudsonthefluffycorgi

16. Look deep into my eyes… 👀

From @corgi_coco

17. Nice to meet you 😍

From @corgiinthegarden

18. Nom nom nom nom nom!

From @corgilife_max

19. shaking my momo 🍑

From @quintalthecorgi

20. Snooze all day 💤. Got a degree in napping and into RESTING

From @tacoboutthecorgi

21. SOUND ON 🤣🤣🤣 when cuddling goes too long

The Emperor will rebel,, adorably 🤣🤣🤣 .. that’s Corgdad’s younger sister

From sheldon.corgii

22. They do their best!😂

From @pavlovthecorgi

23. WARNING! Cuteness overload!

From @shorty.loaf

24. Would you give him a head massage?!

From @cutiecorgi

25. 😍yes or no 😎

From @corgilife_max

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