Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #12



1. Little dude I feel you 


2. whahaha, last night was fun!


3. “Hooman helping me brush my teef!”😁🦷🪥🥰

From @corgi_coco

4. Big stretch

From @moka.thecorgi

5. I think this bowl of ramen needs some treatos!😂🍜

From @moka.thecorgi

6. I’m running as fast as I can okay


7. I’m literally crying 😂 the furry potato 🥔 with the sail and oars I’m done


8. “Look hooman! I can do it myself!”😂🥰

From corgitutu 

9. Aww he’s so happy!!!🥺❤️Look at that waggy tail

From @jax.corgi

10. Awww little pupper!

From @hanathetank

11. Corgis are so sassy sometimes!😂

From @comet.and.carm

12. Cuteness alert!😍

From @tricolour_koa

13. Dance mode!!!🤩🥳

From @minniemoosethecorgi

14. Every dog owner knows their dog plays this gameshow at night!😂❤️

From @biscuitthelittlenugget 

15. How many pics of your dog do you have on your phone?😂 I have 7241🤣

From @biscuitthelittlenugget 

16. It’s amazing how dogs have such different personalities!🥰🤩

From @pikapikacorgi

17. Okay little pupper!😱🤣 let’s get you some chimken! 🍗

From @journeyofdonut

18. Paw massage!🤣🥰❤️

From corgidailylife 

19. POV: you have a corgi!😂

From @shorty.loaf

20. Self care day!🤩🥰

From T

21. So cute!🥰

From @moka.thecorgi

22. They just wanted a piece!😣😂❤️

From @bb8.thecorgi

23. Peek-a-boo

From @corgi.vardi

24. Who wouldn’t give Tato attention!?😱😍❤️

From @thecorgitato

25. You don’t need a trash can when you have a corgi!😂🥰❤️

From @corgi_essi

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