Daily Funny Corgi Videos Will Make You Smile #10



1. I want them all

From @bridgecorgis

2. Little pupper likes the new outfit!🤩

From @teddy.thecorgi_

3. Then he's an 11

From evillittlecorgi 

4. So happy

From @atailoftwocorgis

5. I think this corgi just heard someone say ‘treat’!

From @jimmyjamcorgi

6. Hooman, I require your assistance

From @cosmerecorgis

7. This one is super difficult

From @moka.thecorgi

8. Boop his snoot

From @lychee_the_corgi 

9. “Hooman, now that we’re in the car let’s drive past the puppuccino place please!”🥺

From @momo_thebatcorgi

10. Does your corgi like rain? Mine doesn’t 😂

From @moka.thecorgi

11. True!


12. “My legs are way too smol for this!”🥺❤️🥰

From @corgilicious_coco

13. Corgs are the best!😍

From @atlarchiethecorgi

14. Does your corgi like this game?😂

From @franklin_corgi_nyc

15. Every corgi is like this tho!🤣

From @mapleandmortycorgi

16. Floofy potato!😱😍

From @missnalacorgi @misspoppylocks

17. I would still want one

From @prettyboredvids_

18. Spa(w) day

From @jillianchien1991

19. That mystery bug!😭😱

From @thefluffypotatos

20. The dog: 👁️👄👁️ him

From lanludlow 

21. The video from the crowd!🤣❤️ Amazing!

From @nativesarahb

22. The way they bring the stick back!🥹❤️

From @plutoplanetthecorgi

23. This Corgmas tree ornament is perfect!😂❤️ (don’t worry the pupper is not stuck just stubborn😉)


24. This pupper apparently puppied super hard today! Almost falling asleep!🥺😂🥰❤️

From @reese_the_corgiii

25. Time spent with your dog is the best time!🤩❤️

From @arthurthehungariancorgi

26. When you have two corgis!😂

From @thefluffypotatos

27. Would you rather have one dinosaur-sized corgi or one corgi-sized dinosaur?

From @corgibobaa

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