Cute Corgi Videos And Pictures Will Make You Smile



1. Rate cuteness 1 to 5. Adorable cute baby corgi

From  @cooperandbaby_corgi

2. Too short to get to sofa

From @heemang_corgi

3. Get him!! Get the catto

From @corgi__pembrok

4. Get itttt

From @merry.and.maggie

5. Best friends, and my everything

From @ollieandbutler


6. Corgi parade

From @corgiinthegarden

7. But I’m just a potato with legs

From @pichi.the.corgi

8. This is amazing, have you every tried this?

From @worldwide_winston

9. Does your pup do any of these?

From @thefluffypotatos

10. Fitted sheets are the worst.

From @hammyandolivia

11. So adorable

From @mapleandmortycorgi

12. Here’s one of Gandalf’s favorite tricks and how you can learn it too

From @gandalfthecorgi

13. Hi everyone! I’m Alfie… but I answer to anything as long as I’m getting attention

From @everydayalfie

14. I love my corgi boy

From @mapotofudog

15. Lunch is now being

From @rosepetal.corgis

16. Play time

From @plutoplanetthecorgi

17. Snack snack snack, yum yum

From @corgi_coco

18. Tag your tall friends

From @hammyandolivia

19. The babies are getting so big

From @samanthaknipe

20. The fact he knows how to get the paws through the front is the best part

From @berdievgabinii via TT

21. The ponies don’t always seem to realize that I am the boss and they must listen to me

From @nachothebarncorgi

22. So much fluffy, but whut r you doing hooman

From lilkungpaochicken on TT

23. Walking in water is harder than swimming

From @samcorgi

24. Walnut legs with motors

From @corgi_named_hodoo

25. We wouldn’t change a thing

From @thefluffypotatos

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